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I always appreciated the fact that there was a Mexican and a Canadian

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How I learned my pal had become LA Parka

By "DIRTY" DAN DENTON - For SLAM! Wrestling



 I always appreciated the fact that there was a Mexican and a Canadian

 I always appreciated the fact that there was a Mexican and a Canadian

LA Parka


I was sitting in a dressing room in Torreon, Mexico. My tag team partner was asking me the same question that he had asked me a zillion times before. "Did you tell Paco about me"? he said.

Paco was the Vince McMahon of Mexico. His family owned their version of the WWE south of the border. They also owned the Cathedral of Lucha Libre which is Arena Mexico in Mexico City.

At the time, the country was basically broken into two areas. One was the northern cities which was ran out of Monterrey. The other was everything middle to the south that Paco ran.

The goal of any luchador in Mexico was to work for Paco's promotion, CMLL. And to wrestle in Arena Mexico. For then you had truly made it in Lucha Libre.

As a foreigner in the country I worked for both offices. I was all over Mexico doing shows as we were attractions. I would often get put with different partners and this was my guy up north at the time.


Mexico was an amazing place. The peso was exchanging at 3-1 and everyone was making money. The lucha crowds were huge. And it was every night. You lived like a rock star as there was so much publicity, the entire country knew you.

But with all that said, you still had to get to Arena Mexico to make it go.

In the CMLL office there was an English agent. He was an old timer name Adolpho Bonales. Great guy. And in all fairness, I did tell him about my partner. I also told Juan Herrara, who was the booker, and Tony Pena (who would go on to start AAA). I even told Paco. They all just smiled and nodded their heads. I had no idea what that meant. There were so much politics going on, I sometimes had no idea what was happening and just sort of rolled with it.

I would give him the update on every trip north. I always thought that his gimmick at the time was a little bland and he needed to pop something. But, I admired the fact that he never stopped asking. This kid loved the wrestling business.

And he wasn't without a sense of humor. One day he talked me into getting on public transportation instead of a taxi to a building. He assured me we would be left alone. Of course he was, as he wore a mask, but I was mobbed because everyone knew who I was. He laughed his ass off about that.

Eventually I stopped working in the north and I lost touch of my buddy. I often wondered what had every become of him.

We move the story along and I am living in Los Angeles. There is a lucha card at the Grand Olympic downtown. A lot of big stars are on this stacked show and I get a pass to it.

I walked into the dressing room that night and saw Atlantis. We had lost our masks to him and Lizmark in Arena Mexico one wild night and I love him like a brother. There were a couple of others there as well. It was so great to get caught up with everyone.

I was just about to leave the room and take my seat for the show when across the room I spotted my old partner. He was sitting in his underwear with his outfit pulled down over his boots.

We both smiled and laughed and gave each out a big hug. I asked him how it was going and if he ever got down to Arena Mexico.

Just then he reached down and pulled up his outfit. My jaw hit the ground when I saw the famous bone costume of La Parka. I was literally speechless.

He looked at me and just smiled. We both knew that he had become a bigger star than any of us in the country.

I congratulated him and told him how proud I was of him. I actually had chills looking at him in the gimmick.

We hugged again and I had to go sit down.

I saw the news of his tragic death over the weekend. First I thought it was a hoax. But, it wasn't.

LA Parka, my old pal Jesus Escoboza, died in a lucha accident. He was doing a move that he had done thousands of times before. This time, though, his feet got caught in the ropes and it cost him his life.

We all know the possibilities of what could happen every night we make our way to the ring. We don't think about it. We would go out, give everything we had and pray to be safe. Sadly on this night, his prayer wasn't answered.

As I get older, I hold my breath when I hear that wrestler has died. I am almost afraid to look. Selfishly I hope it isn't someone I know or had worked with.

This weekend wasn't that situation.

LA Parka became a monster star in Mexico. He wanted it so bad and it finally delivered back to him. He entertained everyone from kids right up to the old timers who still show up wanting to punch a rudo.

His outfit and nuances were magic. To see him dance in the ring and listening to the crowds go crazy for it had to make him smile.He was a special guy doing a special job and he excelled at it.

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