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News24xx.com -Because he was hurt by his girlfriends parents as a liar and stealing

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News24xx.com - Because he was hurt by his girlfriend's parents as a liar and stealing, a man in Sidoarjo, East Java, was crazy enough to kill his girlfriend.

His body was dumped naked in an empty land.

According to the police chief Pol Zain Sidoarjo Dwi Nugroho, Lina killed his close friend.

Previously, the corpse of a naked woman was found in the vacant land of Rangkahkidul Village, Sidoarjo District, Sidoarjo, East Java, Tuesday (31 December 2019).

The corpse was first discovered by Gebang Sidoarjo Budiono residents who are looking for grass.

Boediono suspicious because it smelt foul odors in the vicinity of it for grass.

When searching for the source of the stench, he found a woman's dead body lying naked with conditions starting to rot.

The man immediately reported this discovery to the police.

From the examination at the location of the discovery of the corpse, members of the Sidoarjo District Police found black sweaters, long sweatpants, and a number of underwear that allegedly belonged to the victim around the body.
From clues collected, the police suspect the woman was a murder victim.

The examination revealed that the victim was Lina Indiani Losepta (18), a student of the Nursing Academy or Sidoarjo Scholar of Administrative Sciences, from North Maluku.

While the perpetrator is a woman berinsial M, college friends of the victim.

Police arrested M in Sepande, Sidoarjo.

From the testimony of witnesses who are also owners of the victim's boarding house, Saturday (28 December 2019) afternoon the perpetrators picked Lina Indiani Losepta by driving a car.

Since that day, Lina Indiani Losepta not return to the boarding house.

Sunday (29 December 2019), the family reported to the police related to the loss of Lina Indiani Losepta.



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