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so Carmella leaves in a huff. The next morning

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Total Divas: Carmella is a home-wrecker who can't rap; Ronda never shuts her trap; Nia Jax's knee goes snap; two weeks of this show will make you tap

By BOB KAPUR - SLAM! Wrestling



 so Carmella leaves in a huff. The next morning

 so Carmella leaves in a huff. The next morning

The face you make when you are standing out in the freezing cold and Ronda Rousey just won't stop talking about the apocalypse. Photo: WWE.


With its relatively large cast, you'd think that finding some interesting stories would be easy for the Total Divas producers. Alas, this season has largely focused on Carmella's romance with Corey Graves, Sonya's girlfriend woes, and Ronda's ability to tick everyone off. Not much changes, as we do a double-header recap of the episodes from the past two episodes.

Last Week's Episode

Backstage, Charly Caruso is showing off her black granny panties. Meanwhile, Ronda is in the ring, bullying Stephanie McMahon and turning heel. Nia remarks about how much Ronda has been trash-talking some of the girls on social media, and Nia thinks it's disrespectful to the entire women's roster. She notes that the rest of the women have paved the way for Ronda to get into the business. She says as much to Ronda backstage after the show, and Ronda chases her down to clear the air, but Nia won't hear her out. Nattie tells Ronda that Nia's prone to being a loudmouth.

Trinity wants to go party with the girls - including the Iconics - and invites them all to Pensacola. She wants to throw an epic party like the Bellas do. Should be easy - just get everyone into Brie Mode and forget how to wrestle.

Carmella is happy because she's going to drive home with Corey Graves after the show. This is the first time they're going to be spending time together in public - yet everyone on social media apparently knows about the romance, as the online trolls keep calling her out for ruining Graves' marriage.


Trinity shows Jimmy Uso the house she's rented for the party. Jimmy dumps on the idea, mocking Trinity for thinking that the Australians will feel right at home in Florida. I don't know... they both are littered with beaches and crocodiles, so seems reasonable to me. But whatever.

At the Rousey farm, Ronda tells Travis about her beef with Nia, and he says that Ronda is the main attraction of the roster, so everyone else should shut their jealous mouths. He suggests they start looking at her post-WWE career options. Judging from her actions and comments towards her donkey, maybe she'll be doing one of those mythical "Bachelor Party" shows. #EarlyTomHanks

Corey apparently lives like a college student, as the only food he has in the house is bagels and Pop Tarts. So he and Carmella order in - they don't go out, because Carmella doesn't want to run into anyone that knows him for fear of being harassed. He tells her that at some point, they need to leave the apartment and go out in public, despite her reluctance.

At lunch, Ronda tells Travis she wants to get pregnant, and it looks like that restaurant is going to lose a Michelin star. They talk about her career, and he suggests she join him in his apparel business. She's reluctant to join him in this inevitable business failure, but as she's thinking of hanging up the boots, it may be an option.

In Pensacola, Trinity and Liv Morgan have been decorating the house in advance of the Iconics' arrival. But they are apparently idiots as they've mistaken the British flag as the Australian one. Which some snowflake will likely consider to be racist.

Corey's rented a car to take him and Carmella out on the town. They go to a chocolate shop and while they're out, some planted extra yells out "Homewrecker!" at them, ruining the vibe of the day. Corey tells her to not let it bother her.

Nia gets to the party house, and is surprised to learn that the Iconics don't drink. Party poopers. Nia confesses that she drinks a lot, and somewhere Renee Young is drunkenly slurring, "b*itch, please." Nia tells the girls that she went off on Ronda, and they're all surprised.

Carmella is still upset, so gorges on the chocolate she bought to cheer herself up. Corey tries to help by taking her to a dance class, which she finds to be so romantic. But then some woman comes in and asks if she can take a photo of them for the local newspaper, which darkens the mood. After the lesson (sadly, no Fandango sighting), they review the events of the day. Corey tries to minimize the awkward incidents, suggesting that they didn't distract from their sweet date, but Carmella isn't so sure.

Ronda and Travis go see their apparel partner who has some samples for them to review. They look like typical hoodies and yoga pants, so not sure what distinguishes them from everything else. But they seem to win over Ronda, and she agrees to join Travis in the venture. Boy, when they inevitably divorce, this is going to make things pretty awkward.

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