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Time is like a river, the left bank is unable to forget the memories, right is worth grasp the youth, the middle of the fast flowing, is the sad young faint. There are many good things, buttruly belong to own but not much. See the courthouse blossom,honor or disgrace not Jing, hope heaven Yunjuanyunshu, has no intention to stay. In this round the world, all can learn to use a normal heart to treat all around, is also a kind of realm!岁月就象一条河,左岸是无法忘却的回忆,右岸是值得把握的青春年华,中间飞快流淌的,是年轻隐隐的伤感.世间有许多美好的东西,但真正属于自己的却并不多.看庭前花开花落,荣辱不惊,望天上云卷云舒,去留无意.在这个纷绕的世界里,能够学会用一颗平常的心去对待周围的一切,也是一种境界!


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