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Dream Bazaar underwear, want to show on the show

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Show underwear dream want Bazaar

"To make every Chinese woman more beautiful and confident," which is the dream that Bazaar has been working hard to achieve.


underwear/201702/239236.html">Dream Bazaar was founded in December 2006, headquartered in Guangzhou, has now set up branch offices in Shanghai and Beijing, employs nearly 300 people. As China's leading underwear brand direct marketing services company, dream Bazaar success of the international advanced direct marketing concept with domestic development direction way to shop for women with healthy, natural, comfortable and stylish underwear products and services.


Dream Bazaar "brands include" Dream Bazaar Venus "and" Dream Bazaar Victoria "two distinctive underwear goods series. Dream Bans Venus is a professional shaping lingerie brand, has now launched a series of features in line with the characteristics of Oriental women 360 Beauty Body underwear product line, for the United States chest, the United States waist, beautiful buttocks, legs, and body shaping; dream Bazaar Victoria is a sexy fashion underwear brand, launched for different consumer groups bra underwear, home warm, sleepwear, swimwear And other natural and comfortable body series of products around the core of the women's underwear and related products, dreams Bazaar is actively working to expand the product line to meet the urban white-collar women more extensive "confidence, beauty" needs.


Cover queen and the Internet clothing giant dream Basha Moonbasa, endorsement contract signed to achieve strong cooperation. Fan Bingbing has always been the representative of the fashion industry, her sexy, charming, confident, noble perfect interpretation of the unique characteristics of Dream Bazaar Moonbasa Women, the achievement of the perfect combination.


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