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2019 A woman in Clifton

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Sexy Woman display Hacks Easter

It’s a BIZARRE story that just took an even more bizarre turn.

An Easter display outside a NJ dentist office featuring mannequins dressed in lingerie was getting a lot of attention for the obvious reasons.

Some neighbors said it was great while others said it was disgusting. pic.twitter.com/2Q5AQ9MF4j

— Andrew Ramos (@AndrewRamosTV) April 9, 2019

A woman in Clifton, New Jersey flew into a rage over a local dentist's lawn display, reportedly taking garden sheers to the troupe of busty mannequins he'd dressed in negligees, bunny ears, and fishnets.

The provocative tableau stands outside Dr. Wayne Gangi's office on Grove Street, just five plastic ladies surrounded by giant Easter eggs, staring dead-eyed into the middle distance. Gangi reportedly goes all-in on decor for every holiday—according to NorthJersey.com, the dentist also deployed his mannequin platoon for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day—but some of his neighbors see this particular tribute as a little too sexy for Jesus's resurrection observance. And then, think of the children!

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