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a classy grey dress pants

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I am a straight guy, professional, athletic and never knew about Andrew Christian’s brand until a few years ago while vacationing in Los Angeles. I was heading over to Starbucks on Santa Monica Blvd after parking my car, and accidently came across the Andrew Christian store and I just wandered in. It struck me in a similar tone as entering a Calvin Klein underwear store, except that their designs varied from traditional & conservative to outrageously wild and daring – something any straight guy wouldn’t readily go for. Not knowing that Andrew Christian was considered as gay men’s store, I purchased 2 pairs of briefs, a classy grey dress pants, 2 sexy shorts to sleep in and a spinal designed bracelet. My wife loved them and I had no issues with the clothing. When I received their first email advertising sale offers a few weeks after (I gave my email address at the cashier), upon logging on to the website and exploring their links there are videos with very strong gay overtones that can direct the viewer to believe that his clothes are for gay guys only. But let’s be honest here, his underwear did something positive for me – his design and cut made me feel bigger down there and my package had room to feel free. There was no squeezing and pressing against my body and there wasn’t that extra unnecessary restrictive double lining. I had never worn any underwear as comfortable, appropriate for me, and undeniably sexy. Going forward, I had a choice to make – should I continue with the attitude that OMG Andrew Christian is gay and his things are all gay and I should back away or should I be honest and realize that his product was really great and it worked well for me? Well I chose the latter. I have no more time for this homophobic culture driven view that fuels irrational thinking, unjustified hate and propagates further marginalization of people in our world around us. Andrew Christian is himself a proud gay guy and I do not feel that his clothing line is exclusively gay because he chooses to market his products in the way he likes and knows best. In the final analysis, why should Andrew force the point of advertising his designer underwear with sexy girls if he doesn’t think girls are sexy, or more so, if in his mind sexy means guys only? I have since continued to purchase his various designs of underwear and my wife even picks out stuff she likes for me. Wearing Andrew Christian cannot make a straight guy gay. Lets be real.


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