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The 2019 Fashion Show philanthropy committee

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The 2019 Fashion Show philanthropy committee, which is a new addition to The Fashion Show team, put on two events this weekend to promote self love and help girls in need. 

The first event was Friday, ending Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness (BIEDA) Week with a "Love Your Selfie" event. Students lined up in the LeBaron Hall Lobby to have a Polaroid picture taken.

Once the pictures were developed, students were able to write something they love about themselves under their picture. The Polaroid and message was put up on a display board.

Members on the philanthropy committee said there was a steady flow of students participating in this event throughout the day. Students participated more during passing periods when they had extra time.

“People just get excited about it,” said Madison Finstad, sophomore in apparel, merchandising and design and member of the philanthropy committee. “It’s fun seeing what they all have to write.”

Some messages of love written on the Polaroid pictures included “my eyes,” “my passion,” “my love for animals,” “my smile” and “my natural hair."

Along with taking pictures, committee members passed out treats with encouraging messages and pins to promote BIEDA. BIEDA is an on-campus organization that encourages people to love themselves for who they are and to partake in a healthy, positive lifestyle.

The Fashion Show united with the Days for Girls organization Saturday to raise awareness and understanding for menstrual care and health education while breaking the barriers and constraints of women and girls in developing countries.

Care Package

The Fashion Show and Days for Girls came together to make others aware of the menstruation habits around the world with a sew day to create feminine​ care kits.

Their collaboration, a sew day, created reusable menstruation kits for women and girls in developing countries. The kits help give women and girls more freedom and healthier options.

“I wanted to do my part by giving those the opportunity who cannot access the proper resources for their hygiene,” said Katie Fisher, senior in apparel, merchandising and design and co-director of philanthropy for the Fashion Show. “I hope these feminine kits will empower the women and girls who are afraid to step outside into the world and go about their daily lives.” 

According to the Days for Girls website, the organization has provided aid to more than one million women and girls. It is common for those in underdeveloped nations who are in need of proper menstrual care to use anything they have for feminine hygiene, specifically rags, mattress stuffing, feathers and banana leaves. This movement puts an end to the stigma around menstruation by gathering suitable, eco-friendly items with a health education to create the total package.

“This movement was heartbreaking to wrap our heads around,” Fisher said. “It hit a soft spot for all of us because we all know how important feminine hygiene is. So, if we can mutually benefit ourselves and others by using our sewing skills and giving back is remarkable.”

Students, parents and committee members of the Fashion Show all participated. There was a unique process for the kits with step-by-step stations with packaging, sewing, cutting and more.

Sew Day

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