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Wet Briefs Underwear: Cristiano and Other Celebs. We’ve uploaded some remarkable photos of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo but these pics of him taking a shower in his white boxer briefs are probably the most awesome. But if you have a Cristiano photo that can rival the images below, then do tell in the comments.

cristiano wet boxer briefs

Cristiano probably has the cutest “behind” in the world of sports. He sure does not need a buttocks augmentation surgery, no? Now, because of the above pics, we’re now putting Cristiano above David Beckham in our Imaginary Beau List. Sure, Beckham is awesome in his own way but he doesn’t have photos like the ones above, right? Your move, Beckham.

Update: Not surprisingly, a lot of you are into celebrity wetties so we decided to update this post to bring you more wet briefs on celebs. For instance, check out Irish actor Colin Farrell and British reality star Mark Wright.

male celebrity wet underwear - colin farrell boxer briefs and mark wright in white briefs

Who says you can’t go swimming at the beach in your boxer briefs? Certainly not Colin. Like Colin, Mark also believes that underwear can be swimwear too. Why else would he be wearing white briefs while wading in the pool?

Hmm, here’s English footballer David Beckham rising to Cristiano’s “wet briefs underwear challenge”. Wait, that’s not briefs underwear, is it? It looks more like briefs-style Speedo rather that briefs undies. What do you think, Famewatchers? Is The Becks wearing swimwear or underwear in the photos below?


From The Becks, let us check out male model Jason Beitel who is most definitely wearing briefs in the shower. Jason is a male dancer who became semi-famous when he joined Kylie Minogue’s Showgirl world tour. He is from Illinois but he was actually born in London, England. Jason is reportedly one of them hot shower boys on Kylie’s show.

wet briefs underwear - jason beitel male dancer

Finally, let’s end this post with these images of random male models in wet underwear. The one on the left went swimming in his long johns underwear. While, the other guy on the right, is taking a shower in his briefs underwear.

wet underwear for men - long johns and briefs underwear - model

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers? In your view, who of these guys have the best underwear-as-swimwear/bathwear? Tell us in the comments?


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