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Rape 11 Boys, Chairperson of the Tulungagung Gay Association Arrested by East Java Regional Police

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By luring the victim with IDR150 thousand to IDR 250 thousand, Mochammad Hasan (41), a man from Tulungagung, East Java, who is also the Chairperson of the Tulungagung Gay Association (IGATA), was arrested by Sub Directorate IV of the Directorate General Criminal Investigation Directorate (Ditreskrimum) Regional Police East Java

He was arrested for allegedly carrying out a crime of revocation of 11 underage boys.

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Director of the East Java Regional Police Directorate General of Criminal Investigation Commissioner R Pitra Andrias Ratulangie said that the act had been carried out by Mami Hasan, her nickname, for the past year.

"We have arrested MH men (Mochammad Hasan) or Mami Hasan, who have committed the crime of sexual abuse of 11 minors," Pitra said at the East Java Regional Police Headquarters on Monday (1/20), as reported by CNN Indonesia.

Pitra said this case began when investigators of Unit III Asusila Sundit IV Renakta Ditaktkrimum East Java Regional Police received a public report about the action taken by Mami Hasan. Then, the investigator conducts an investigation.

During the investigation, the police found 11 underage boys, aged between 15-17 years old, who were victims of the obscene acts of the suspect.

"This arrest is based on reports from the public on January 3, so we have 12 days of investigation. During the investigation we have found 11 victims of children who have been obscene victims of the suspect," he said.

In carrying out the action, Mami Hasan, who worked as a coffee shop manager, initially tried to persuade the victims with the lure of money amounting to IDR 150 thousand to IDR 250 thousand.

"He persuaded children, this is because he is the manager of a coffee shop, the children who hang out there in his way, he persuaded to have intercourse by giving the lure of IDR 150-250 thousand," he said.

The victims were none other than minors who were hanging out in the coffee shop run by the suspect. If the victim is willing, Mami Hasan will also invite the victim to her house. That's where the immoral acts are carried out.

"Then there are children who are affected, trapped, then taken to the house concerned, from there he commits criminal abuse against the victims," ??said Pitra.

Investigators then secured Mami Hasan, Wednesday (1/15) at 18:00 West Indonesian Time, at the home of her colleague with the initials I, in the village of Krajan Gondang, Tulungagung.

He himself is the owner of a coffee shop that has been managed by the suspect.

From the hands of the suspect, investigators also seized a number of items of evidence, in the form of victims' underwear, dozens of contraceptives, porn CDs, pornographic photographs, sex manuals, cellphones, and the IGATA establishment certificate.

"We have quite a lot of evidence, there are pants, CDs, and pictures of half-naked men, and concerned is the chairman of the Tulungagung Gay Association," he said.

Pitra said that the pornographic VCD is usually played by suspects, to provide stimulation to the victims.
For his actions, Mami Hasan is now being sued under Article 82 of RI Law Number 17 of 2016, junto of RI Law Number 23 of 2003 with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

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"East Java Regional Police will be very firm with regard to the crime of minors, this is our concern," said Pitra.

Mami Hasan admitted that her actions had been carried out since last year.

He mentioned the children themselves who came to him and offered sex for a certain fee.

"It's only one year from 2018 to 2019. They come to me need money, then later I want to play, come to my house, enter the room, that's fine," said Mami Hasan, from behind the mask she was wearing.



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