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between Rutland and Black Mountain: nine fit women and one man. After years of news stories

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Last Saturday was the epitome of the many choices for outdoor recreation in the Okanagan Valley.

The Sheriff and Constant Companion had their choice of: joining other members of the Central Okanagan Outdoors Club for a bike ride on the Okanagan Rail Trail from downtown Kelowna to Kekuli Bay Provincial Park near Vernon, tent camping and biking back to the downtown on Sunday; joining another COOC group on a hike up Mount Keogan in the South Okanagan; joining Kelowna-Lake Country MLA Norm Letnick’s Community Spring Climb for Health and World Peace at Knox Mountain Park in Kelowna; or going to the fourth annual B.C. Interior Sportsman Show at the CNC in Kelowna. There was also events organized by Meetup groups.

With dark clouds and the threat of rain, the Sheriff opted for the Sportsman Show since there were more than 60 exhibitors, hourly presentations and demos from experts on wildlife conservation, fishing and hunting. The Sheriff learned flyfishing techniques from three different instructors, how to fillet fish and rainbow trout trolling on big lakes.

Letnick showed up to the show after his walk, said there was no rain (unlike last year when the Sheriff participated) and 250 people hiked up the Apex Trail to the two lookouts in spite of the overcast conditions.

On Sunday, the Sheriff and CCC joined other COOC members for a bike ride in the Belgo area of Kelowna, between Rutland and Black Mountain: nine fit women and one man.

After years of news stories, garage sales and general exploring, the Sheriff thought he had visited every street, road and alley in the city. Yet cycle leader Doris took us up and down paved backroads the Sheriff didn’t even know existed. Doris warned: “Ride will be 30-35 kilometres with uphills and downhills. Should even be some flat stretches.” Afterward, she joked the only one who complained about all the hills was the guy on his e-bike.

The lesson: go somewhere new with someone who knows the riding territory (and no complaining).

On Wednesday, the Sheriff participated in his second Wild Walk organized by regional parks. This time, it was Black Mountain/Sntsk’il’nten Regional Park which preserves a key tract of Okanagan grasslands on Kelowna’s eastern slopes.

The largest regional park in the Central Okanagan will officially open to the public in mid-September. See story on page A4 today.

On Tuesday, members of the Kelowna Canoe and Kayak Club held their regular monthly meeting with a presentation by Carol Drury on her eight-day cruise around the Gulf of St. Lawrence on a Russian research vessel and icebreaker last July. It was a great trip to numerous islands, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland villages but not cheap at $5,000 per person.


It’s time to catch up with Nathalie Long of Kelowna. Good luck with that.

Long, dubbed Wonder Woman by the Sheriff, won the solo category (ninth out of 23 competitors) in the Ski2Tree in the Central Okanagan on March 23. Her aim was to beat her overall ranking of 10th from last year.

“And ahead of all the solo boys again,” said Lyndie Hill of race organizer and CEO of Hoodoo Adventures of Penticton.

The Ski2Tree involved a 12.5-km Nordic ski, five-km snowshoe run, 23 km of mountain biking, 42 km of road biking, 11-km run and eight-km paddle. Her time was 5:02:20, beating the first solo male Arno Compass at 5:07:33 who was in 10th place.

The top teams were: Springboks at 4:11:22; Butternuts Beauties at 4:14:23; Cyclepath (Jvoand Gibo) a 4:14:50; MEC at 4:14:52; and Finn and His Old Man at 4:21:20.

Long was top solo competitor and fifth overall in the Penticton Elevator race on March 23. It involved an eight-km paddle, 25 km on a road bike, a nine-km run/snowshoe, eight km of mountain biking up to Nickel Plate Nordic Centre for a seven-km skate ski and a four-kilometre downhill ski.

“I was feeling a little nervous (at the start of Ski2Tree) to not be able to perform as well as the week before,” said Long.

“I may have done a little too much in-between the two races and my calves were cramping for a few days prior to Ski2Tree which isn’t a great start for a race. Thanks to my amazing massage therapist, my legs were a little tired, but OK by the start of the race.”

There weren’t any women signed up for the solo category, just Long and three men.

“The start of the skate ski was a gong show with people falling and stepping on my poles,” she said with a laugh.

“I started last of the solos I think. I must have passed one of the solo males during the skate ski without realizing it. I also caught up to one of my best friends and got to ski with him the whole way, which was really cool. The snowshoe run was changed to a trail run which was good for me. I caught up to a second solo male on the MTB (mountain bike). Then I got passed by the other solo man on the last bit of the road bike. I get very slow on the road bike with tons of people passing me,” she said.

“The solo male who passed me at the end of the bike, took off on the run and I didn’t manage to catch up to him. But he didn’t pull away any more, which was good. On that run … I passed one of the other solo males.”I jumped in my boat as quick as I could and started chasing him. I knew by his boat and paddling technique that I should be able to catch up pretty quick. Within the first km or 1.5 km, I passed him … to take first place in the solo category.”

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