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Men's Underwear Guy Guide: Enhancing Underwear

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underwear Enhancing Guide

UNDERWEAR GUY'S GUIDE TO ENHANCING UNDERWEAR Ultimate guide to underwear that to make your package look bigger.


Hello blog readers.

I get a lot of questions about underwear (of course) and there are always interesting things people want to know about one brand over another. How do they fit? is probably the most common question followed by something along the lines of I need features of a, b, c etc. in my underwear and what is going to work best for certain wearing conditions. I try my best to give useful answers and of course it's often very subjective. Not only does each man have a unique anatomy he's also going to have unique preferences for fit either ingrained by experience or socialization. Lately a lot of questions have centered around specialty designed pouches, lifters and engineered underwear designs that are currently on the market including how they work and the ways that they all compete or compare against each other. A while back I wrote up an article on enhancing underwear but I think a lot of guys who haven't had the opportunity to try out some of the styles still have a lot of questions about how the designs work.

This is a significantly expanded guide on the same subject with plenty of reference images as well as illustrations to help anyone who isn't familiar with the construction or methodologies of enhancing men's underwear. The illustrations are NSFW so keep that in mind when reviewing the article, as a result of the detail illustrations, you will hopefully get a clearer idea for how things work for underwear enhancement.


There are 4 major types of underwear enhancers on the market right now: c-ring slings/straps, fabric panel c-rings, enhancing support pockets and special enhancement pouches. Each type of mechanism has its own engineering and variations each with pluses and minuses for helping to boost your profile. Before we get to all the ways underwear can be engineered to help you "stand out"-let's start with how things work without any of the extras. Starting out with the baseline design, a typical men's underwear brief without any specially constructed pouch will tend to compress your package in a way that the majority of what would make up the look of a bulge will fall between your legs. Although not uncomfortable, this tends to leave a minimal profile to your underwear package. For the longest time this was essentially the only style of men's underwear. More often than not, this "flat-front" design makes a guy seem slightly diminished for all but the most endowed individuals.

Flat Front Underwear


Hanes Brief

Typical Men's Brief with a flat-front design   Hanes Low Rise Brief designed with a flat-front cut.


With the male anatomy one of the best ways to enhance your package profile is to pull your balls outward away from between your legs in order to round out your package and cause it to protrude more prominently out in front. Cock rings (more politely called c-rings) have been around for a long time as standalone rubber rings, adjustable leather snap rings and other material combinations as a means to encircle the base of the penis and balls and "bundle" them together to create the pronounced package look. Integrated c-rings have traditionally been relegated to more risque or adventurous underwear manufacturers/designers including California Muscle.

As a pioneer in enhancing underwear designs California Muscle should be commended for offering underwear with built-in c-rings and straps for many years before C-In2 mainstreamed the concept with their "sling" design underwear. Underwear designer Andrew Christian followed suit shortly after C-In2's introduction with almost all of their first underwear releases sporting a built-in snap c-ring.

Interestingly enough, Andrew Christian later decided to remove the show-it c-ring technology from all their underwear so you'll have to track down only the first edition releases in order to find the interior c-ring technology.

"Though the line initially helped secure Andrew Christian a place on the fashion map, Show-It Technology was discontinued just a few short months after its launch. Christian says that despite the “technology” helping to broaden Andrew Christian’s fan base, it ultimately scared a certain sect of its constituency. “Seems like [Show-It] freaked out some people who are a little more conservative,” he admits. While Christian hopes that eliminating Show-It from his underwear will help generate a greater acceptance of the line, it doesn’t mean that he has abandoned all attempts to innovate. Just the opposite is the case. Taking what he learned from his initial outing, the buff designer will launch a new feature in the near future. " -Andrew Christian: From rags to britches by Michael A. Knipp, Gay 7 lesbian Times December 20th, 2007 Issue 1043

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