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Minnesota Lawsuit iowa stalking cresco

According to a report in the Courier, she and McGuire had dated for a little bit and broken up. That’s allegedly when the trouble began.

Authorities say after he arrived in Spicer, McGuire put up a sign at a local restaurant with her name, phone number, email, and home address—as well as some “sexually explicit” content. From there, he allegedly took to Facebook and created several fake profiles and used them to send intimate photos and comments about the woman to random people on her friends list.

In May, a “photo collage” of “female body parts," including images of the woman's breasts, was found in several of her neighbors’ mailboxes and on “several yard signs” in a Minnesota town 50 miles out of the way. One such sign was posted on the lawn of a Catholic church, according to the Courier. Cops also found lewd graffiti with the woman's name in a nearby park.

In August, yet another collage surfaced, this one featuring pictures of vulvas and the woman's name and work number. This wound up at “21 businesses in the community where the woman lived,” including church and school district offices, the Courier says.

In September, McGuire's alleged stalking victim reportedly opened a package to find a set of lingerie, a sex toy, and a photo of her car. The alleged stalking caused McGuire's ex-girlfriend “substantial emotional distress," according to the charges, which say authorities traced fake Facebook profiles to addresses McGuire used for his personal social media accounts. Phone records also place McGuire in the vicinity of the yard signs found in May.

In September, Iowa authorities raided McGuire’s tax business and found a backpack with documents that mentioned his ex-girlfriend's name—along with some rubber gloves and some familiar-looking nudes.

McGuire was indicted for cyber stalking across state lines by a grand jury last week, and has denied having done any of it. On Monday, a judge ordered that he be detained while he awaits a trial, which the Courier says has tentatively been set for February.

If convicted, McGuire is facing up to 15 years in federal prison and/or a $750,000 fine. Until then, he’s residing in the Linn County Jail.


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