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I am more respected because they see me as an artist

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Johara, a belly dancer in Egypt who always looks amazing. Whenever invited, the 31-year-old belly dancer wears a fancy costume studded with brilliant trinkets, with underwear made of silk and a long skirt that is split at the sides and reveals her long legs.

Her black hair hung loose, joined in the swinging of her body, while the mountain men and women recorded her dance with her cellphone in her hand.

Almost every day Johara performs at night clubs, parties or weddings in luxury hotels. And more than one million fans follow her life on Instagram.

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Johara, which means jewelry in Arabic, is a stage name for Ekaterina Andreeva, a Russian woman. For the past few years, she has been seeking her fortune in Cairo, the birthplace of belly dancing.

But how can a foreigner like Ekaterina be able to record success in diving the ancient traditions of Arabic dance in Cairo?

Ekaterina began learning to dance at the age of three. At the age of 13, she lost her dancing partner because he was "hijacked" by another dancer. This practice is common in Russia where male dancers are scarce.

But that incident actually outlined good fortune for Ekaterina. Because without a male dancer, he was forced to take the role of a belly dancer on a Russian television show.

And from that moment on she was invited to teach and participate in dance competitions throughout the country. When he completely quenched the thirst of her career in her own country, Ekaterina decided to bet her fortune on a country that gave birth to belly dancing, Egypt.

There, she found an industry that began to fade. Past stars like Nagwa Fouad no longer sway.

Although legendary dancers such as Dina Talaat Sayed or Fifi Abdou are still loved, the landscape of Cairo's belly dance begins to change and become more friendly for foreign dancers who try their fate like Ekaterina.

"The older generation of Egyptian belly dancers have started to age," said Hany Rasem, a wedding party entrepreneur who often hires belly dancer services.

"There is no new generation of good Egyptian belly dancers," she added, as quoted by Deutsche Welle.

And because of that, Ekaterina could be asked to appear at five wedding parties overnight.

But there are other reasons why foreign dancers seem to be able to score success in Cairo. Like most Arabs, Egyptians have become increasingly conservative in recent years.

At present not many women are willing to do the profession. The term "belly dancing child" has now become a kind of insult.

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However, the insult does not apply to Ekaterina, because she is not a native of the country.

"As a foreigner, I am more respected because they see me as an artist," said Ekaterina,

He added that Russian citizenship protected him from the negative stigma of society.

But this is not the case with the Egyptian bureaucracy. Ekaterina has to apply for a work permit for every wedding that is priced at 1,365 dollars. But his popularity was so high, Cairo journalists who invited her were willing to pay the fee from their own pockets.

Ironically, Ekaterina has been in prison because she was charged with wearing clothes that are too fun. Her case sparked controversy across the country and her video while dancing in clothes was watched four million times.

When released, Ekaterina was far more famous than before. And she continued to dance in the same clothes without ever having a problem with the police.



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