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BTS released a statement. Quoted from Seoul Shinmun

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Underwear with the picture of member BTS sold illegally, fans of BTS angry to the management



Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019 | 01:16 pm



News24xx.com - The popularity of BTS makes an informal merchandise business of them mushrooming. Even one of the online shops in China sells panties with the pictures of the members. The trademark FORUSDESIGNS sells underwear products with BTS’ members images with different motives on Ali Express. One pair of underwear is sold at a price of USD 7.9.

Panties are indeed sold by targeting women. ARMY (BTS fans) then asked the management, BigHit Entertainment to bring the matter to legal ways. Moreover, goods sold are not official from BTS. Answering the fans' anxieties, BTS released a statement. Quoted from Seoul Shinmun, BigHit also admitted that he would not stay silent.

"Lately, the sale of illegal BTS goods and content has increased. We will take this matter seriously. We have prepared a department that will protect the ownership rights of BigHit artists and actively take action with the help of legal teams" they said.



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