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will the colour and texture of the underwear show through the fabric ?Perhaps a seamless skin tone

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NOTE: When you Buy Lingerie Online

There are many online lingerie stores and they can vary greatly in price an quality.

Fairy Godmother tip; choose a lingerie store with great customer service, that offers a wide variety of products and one that also offers refunds if the goods are not what you expected and you're not completely satisfied. Make sure to read up on their return policy.

A reputable online lingerie store also caters for plus size bridal lingerie, wonderful styles of sleepwear, undergarments and a great selection of colours.

Sexy Honeymoon Lingerie

Bridal sexy lingerie is a must, don't forget to bring sexy lingerie for the honeymoon. Bring a variety of lingerie sets and teddies with you on your holiday, some risque and naughty lingerie and something fun to spice it up!.

Different Types & Styles of Fine Lingerie

Fine lingerie comes in different styles. Your choice in wedding lingerie depends on the fabric and the neckline of your wedding gown, whether or not your dress has sleeves or is sleeveless, if it's a corset style dress or slinky and strappy. Fairy Godmother tip; You won't want your lacy lingerie to show, also pick a lingerie colour that does not show through the bridal gown. This means buying your bridal lingerie after you buy or choose the style of gown.

Before Buying Your Lingerie Undergarments

1. Firstly decide on your bridal gown, this will determine the style of undergarments you need to buy for your wedding day.

2. The colour of your underwear is up to you, the only other person who gets to see it is your new husband. While white, cream and ivory are the most popular, there will be no one else inspecting your bridal undergarments.

3. However when selecting bridal undergarments, reflect on your gown, ask yourself, "will the colour and texture of the underwear show through the fabric?"Perhaps a seamless skin tone undergarment is your best choice.'

4. Think of your husband-to-be when deciding on your elegant bridal lingerie, take note; he dreams and waits in anticipation all day just to unravel the package.

5. Matching your lingerie and bridal garters, something borrowed, something borrowed blue, it's up to you!. If you buy white lingerie, any colour garter with do.

Fairy godmother tip; you know your own body type and his favourite style and colour - so pick something you look flawless in and confident, don't be afraid to play up your assets.


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