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which is dedicated entirely to female inmates. Multiple inmates who called the Kokomo Perspective t

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A wide-ranging strip search of the Howard County jail’s female inmates resulted in drugs being found in the facility, but it also drew the ire of those women.

On Jan. 17, in the early morning hours, corrections officers at the local jail awoke nearly 80 female inmates housed in the facility. The inmates were led to the jail’s gymnasium where they were each strip searched. The impetus for the search, according to Howard County Sheriff Jerry Asher, was information that drugs had been trafficked into the jail.

The search yielded results, with corrections officers locating illegal drugs that had been trafficked in. Charges are pending against two individuals relating to the drugs, but female inmates voiced content over the searches, claiming they weren’t allowed to properly clothe themselves prior to being moved through the facility. The sheriff and the jail commander contended those claims.

The search began around 5 a.m. in unit 1 of the jail, which is dedicated entirely to female inmates. Multiple inmates who called the Kokomo Perspective the week after the search said they were awoken and told to lie on the floor. Most, if not all, of the female inmates weren’t sleeping in their jail uniforms. Some were wearing “booty shorts” or “boxers,” and some weren’t wearing undergarments, such as a bra, and slept in their T-shirts.

Corrections officers, claimed the inmates, wouldn’t allow most of them to put on additional clothing after being awoken.

“Normally they tell us we have to be in our uniforms from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m,” said Megan Day, who has been sentenced to the jail for an operating while intoxicated charge. “If a male comes in our unit, because there’s not typically male guards on our unit at all, they announce, ‘Male on unit,’ because we’re in boxer shorts or our underwear or T-shirts. They don’t want us to be showing our body parts, whatever, to the male guards. They were dragging us out of bed in our night clothes, and one of the girls next to me was sleeping in her underwear.”

Jail Commander Robin Byers said such precautions are necessary, though, because inmates could hide drugs on their person.

“With it being a security issue, we don’t know if there’s drugs hidden in undergarments,” said Byers.

Some, however, who were wearing only underwear when they were awoken, were allowed to put on pants, according to both inmates and jail officials.

After being woken up, the 78 female inmates in the pod were walked to the jail’s rec area.

Inmates voiced displeasure of the move, as they were walked near male inmates who were able to see them in their sleep attire.

Once in the rec area, the inmates were sat on the ground handcuffed in pairs. Each of the 78 inmates was strip-searched by female correctional officers in a separate room, outside the view of male corrections officers and inmates.

During the searches inmates’ feminine hygiene products were taken away, confirmed Byers, to ensure drugs weren’t being hidden within a body cavity. One inmate, Brittany Catt, claimed her pad was taken away, and she was menstruating at the time.

“They got me in and strip searched me and took my pad from me,” said Catt. “Well, they wouldn’t give me another pad to put on, and I’m bleeding and on my period. When I got to the rec room they made me sit down. By the time I sit down and get back up and come back to the unit I’ve already bled through all my clothes because they wouldn’t give me a pad.”

The jail commander contested this.

Byers claimed that sanitary products were available for inmates that needed one during the searches and that she was never approached by any inmate expressing this need.

“We even had sanitary products on the change cart,” said Byers. “We had a cart with uniforms on it. Like if we found drugs or any other kind of contraband, we automatically reclassified them to restrictive housing. We had red uniforms and we had female products on that cart just for this very reason. When they strip search, if they have a feminine product in use, we make them change it in case there’s –believe it or not it’s happened, they hide drugs in them, and we make them throw it away.”

According to Asher, strip searching all 78 inmates took about two hours.

He said that similar searches have occurred in the past and that if inmates were deemed to not be wearing appropriate attire, such as was the case with Catt prior to her being allowed to put on pants, they were given that opportunity prior to being moved. The last such search Asher could recall was last year, prior to him taking office, when unit 3, the jail’s largest male inmate pod, was searched in a similar manner.

“Everybody had some kind of clothing on. If anybody had on what would be deemed inappropriate to be wearing, the officer in charge of that unit had them put pants or a top on,” said Asher. “That happened a couple times, where a female had to put pants on, and another had to put a top on. Nobody was traipsed through males, which there were males there … At no time were they brought through males and paraded, I guess.”

As a result of the searches, 50 pills were located in the jail, which Asher said were gabapentin.

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